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Upcoming Events:

Henry Kaiser/Bob Musso Quintet

at the Stone (Ave C and 2nd Street NYCz)

Nick Didkovsky, Henry Kaiser, Bob Musso (guitars)

Jesse Krakow (bass) Weasel Walter (Drums)

Saturday February 7th at 8pm $20

Past Events:

Bob Musso, John Richey, Mark Daterman, and Dave Dreiwitz

are playing this

"Remembering Thomas Chapin"

Show at the

City Winery at 8:15pm on January 20th

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Last Exit
Machine Gun

Recent Release from the downtown rock group Radio Silent.

Recent Releases of albums and DVDs
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5 New Live Releases from our shows performed in 2008
& 1 new studio release Radio Silent.
As always you can check out our catalog section for more details plus cover art.

Reviews of the Bob & Friends Releases available here.


Improvised Music - Most of the music available for download from this site is improvised music.  These are mostly recordings of live shows that are 100% improvised.  There were no rehearsals and usually no sound checks before the show started. I know that in Machine Gun, we would usually just pick a key to start in and that would be it.  That was the total extent of our group preparation for the gig. Everything else that happened was a result of the musical interaction of the musicians on stage improvising.

Solo records -- This category includes all of the albums released under my name, and although I call them solo records, they all have friends, and guest musicians involved in one way or another.  These records were usually written out, or conceived ahead of time or let's say composed music.


Ambient/ Electronic -- This group of albums includes the three albums that I released for the German based Fax label under the name Transonic. These albums are semi composed and semi improvised. They were constructed from electronic sounds, effects and loops, and then in the mixing process, all of these elements were used to improvise the final mixes, in hopes of creating something new. Pete Namlook of the Fax label mentioned to me once that he thought that the first Transonic CD was possibly the beginning of trip-hop.

Friends -- This group of albums includes my friends albums from the original MuWorks catalog to friends that I have played with throughout the years to more recent albums that I'm distributing for friends through this web site. They include albums by Thomas Chapin, Pheeroan akLaff, John Richey (Lunar Bear Ensemble)  Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, John McCracken,  Mark Daterman and Glen Moore, etc.